The Benefits of Social Media

You mean to tell me that Facebook is for more things than just tagging photos?

Social Media has grown so much in its short life time and really become a tool to brand oneself or a company and reach out to a larger audience. I think my generation and generations before me are really recognizing this today and isn’t surprised when were told that Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr are all useful tools in todays business world.

My Facebook feed has changed from just looking through my friends photos to now reading articles and liking companies pages and getting involved with people all across the nation. Twitter and Pinterest serve a similar purpose as well, and I am so pleased to see where social media is heading.

For me personally, being a photographer I see social media as a huge asset! It’s a way to invite my viewers into my life and allow them to see the artist behind the lens. It also allows for people to get involved with brands, companies and businesses easier. I personally have been more in touch with some of my favorite athletes and snowboard companies through instagram and participating in contests or simply liking their photo.

Overall I think that social media is becoming more important as a tool to keep us connected together and to whats going on around us across the world, and less about bragging about your own life. I am really excited to see where it grows next.

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